What You Need to Register Your Practice

Thank you for your interest in My Patient Solutions. Although you can save drafts of forms once you are registered and logged in, the practice registration process must be completed in one sitting. If you exit out of the process before it is complete, you cannot continue from where you left off and must begin again. Be sure you allow yourself enough time to complete the registration process before you begin.

You will need the following information in order to successfully register your practice:

  1. Primary Genentech products prescribed by your practice
  2. User information including email addresses (you may add additional users at a later date)
  3. Practice location information (you may add additional locations at a later date)
  4. Prescriber licensing information
    1. Prescriber National Provider Identifier (NPI)
    2. State license number (required)

You will be asked to agree to the My Patient Solutions Practice Agreement. You must agree to these terms to proceed with My Patient Solutions.

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Register Your Practice

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